“Extremely disappointed”

After all 48 Democratic and independent senators and three brave Republican senators voted Friday morning to bury a misbegotten effort to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Congressman Goodlatte expressed his unhappiness on Facebook.

“For years, the majority of my constituents have told me that Obamacare does not work for them”?

Excuse me?

Goodlatte represents more than 730,000 constituents living in the Sixth Congressional District. Is he claiming that more than 365,000 of them have told him that “Obamacare does not work for them”? If not, how exactly does he know that?

A truly revealing measure of constituent attitudes would be a tally of the number of Sixth District residents who have contacted Goodlatte (via phone, email and letter) to oppose repealing the ACA versus those who have contacted him to support repeal. Despite requests from Goodlatte Watch and others, Goodlatte has never released those numbers. Why not? If opinion in the district is so overwhelmingly against the ACA, wouldn’t the tally reveal that?

And Goodlatte continues to insist that the ACA is failing, even though it has enabled more than 30,000 of his constituents to purchase health insurance. More than anything else, however, the ACA is endangered by Congress members like Goodlatte, who with their efforts to destroy the ACA have created great uncertainty among insurance providers and the public.

Goodlatte pledges: “I will keep working towards a solution to increase access to care and deliver affordable health insurance options.”

In fact every health care bill Goodlatte has supported would deprive tens of millions of Americans of health insurance and cause premiums for many people to skyrocket. What has changed?

4 thoughts on ““Extremely disappointed”

  1. Julie Scofield

    Thank you Gene for your diligence in sharing information about how disconnected Bob Goodlatte is from the 6th CD. Unbelievable.


  2. Jeff Clevengerh

    We will find out in 2018 how the majority of VA06 voters feel about ACA. and the Bob Goodlatte, who clearly does not represent them. I look forward to meeting all 350,000 in the next 16 months and listening to your ideas. Jeff Clevenger


  3. There is a statement with an empirical answer. Let’s see the numbers, sir. Perhaps some school would like to do a survey…


  4. I have been extreme6 disappointed in Bob Goodlatte for more years than should be possible. And I have NEVER voted for him. I hope the 6th CD finally can replace him. Jim Olin was before Goodlatte. God rest his soul. He has been missed in this world and in the Congress. Forgive me for being so I’ll informed, but who, if anyone is opposing Goodlatte in 2018 election?


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