Will Goodlatte release his phone and email totals on the AHCA?

Before House Speaker Paul Ryan concluded he didn’t have enough Republican votes and pulled the American Health Care Act from the floor, Congressman Goodlatte spoke in favor of that misbegotten bill.

Note that Goodlatte cited three constituents who he said urged him to support the AHCA and repeal the Affordable Care Act. He did not mention the many other constituents who told him how the ACA had made life-saving insurance possible for them and their families.

We don’t know how many constituents urged him to vote for or against the AHCA because– unlike several other representatives— Goodlatte hasn’t released a tally of the phone calls and emails he received on the matter.

It would be most interesting to know the figures– which I would be willing to bet indicated overwhelming opposition to the AHCA among Sixth District residents who contacted the congressman.

Of course Goodlatte could very easily prove me wrong (or right) by releasing the totals. How about it, Congressman?

4 thoughts on “Will Goodlatte release his phone and email totals on the AHCA?

  1. I called him at least three times over the past few weeks indicating my disagreement with the proposed replacement.


  2. This guy’s a jerk


  3. Jeff Clevenger

    The midnight Ethics imbroglio, the wrong side of a health bill with 17% approval, using HJC to shield Trump and campaign from Russia investigation that promises to overshadow Watergate, where those involved in the cover-up were jailed. Representative Goodlatte is treading dangerous waters. He has clearly lost touch with hard working Viriginians who were surely going to lose healthcare.


  4. Read his list of donors on FEC website and you will know exactly how he is going to vote and what he is going to say. He is relying on his red district to put him back in because he’ll have a war chest of about $2 Million for 2018. He’ll spin some crap to frighten the old GOP voters a couple months before the election and figure he’s got it won.


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