Goodlatte’s goal remains: kill Obamacare

Here’s what Congressman Goodlatte posted on Facebook after House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the American Health Care Act (the GOP replacement for the Affordable Care Act) from the floor because of a lack of Republican support.

Goodlatte said he intended to vote for the truly awful legislation that would have stripped tens of millions of Americans of their health insurance and driven up premiums for millions more while providing a huge tax break to the very rich. Now he won’t get a chance.

Despite this disaster for President Trump and Congressional Republicans, Goodlatte remains committed to killing the ACA instead of working to make it stronger and better. We need to be vigilant.

4 thoughts on “Goodlatte’s goal remains: kill Obamacare

  1. Jeff Clevenger

    Clearly Bannon/Trump not so hidden agenda to destroy Paul Ryan is being played out using ACA as a component. Rep Goodlatte either doesn’t get it or doesn’t care that Trump has no idea what is in the bill and is STILL using HJC to divert attention from the obvious Russian connection to the Trump campaign. Good latte is telling you he doesn’t care that you have health care. Listen. 2018.


  2. Robert M Crouch

    Heard Goodlatte’s talk in the House today. He quoted a couple constituents objection to ACA. Not one objection to real and replace. Tells me Goodlatte only listens selectively. Takes direction from Trump. Shameless, can’t wait for 2018.


  3. Of course he intended to vote for a bill that would have put 25 Million people in the gutter. As long as they don’t look exactly like this hater he’s all for it. This guy and the whole old white men’s club never stop trying to take civil liberties away from poor, minority’s, immigrants. They take their voting rights, poison their working environments, take away their health care and each time the “sale” is made as some fiscal responsibility and scare tactics with dreaded socialism – what bunch a bull when the realty is plain and simple they hate black and brown people, poor people anyone they keep pushing out of their club and out of their way.

    The Country is coming of age and the newest generations know well what old hateful people like this guy is all about and we the majority will push these evil people out of office once and for all. Mr Good latte , retire, go back to your white hamlet with what I imagine is a healthy cache of stuff you’ve taken over the decades and leave the good natured honest decent people of character to live their lives


  4. Mr Goodlatte: Trumpcare was a horrid travesty of health care and your vote for it was a complete betrayal of your constituency. There is a tremendous amount of anger in the 6th about how you have handled yourself this term.

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