Goodlatte: “It’s my intention” to vote for the GOP’s replacement for the ACA

Speaking at the end of a Facebook Live session about the vote scheduled for Thursday in the House of Representatives to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with the Republican-backed American Health Care Act, Congressman Goodalatte said:

“We’re still looking at changes that have been made. There may be changes that could come ahead. We want to make sure we look at all those carefully. But it’s my intention, based up the information I have now, to support this legislation.”

So Goodlatte is prepared to ignore (among other things) the Congressional Budget Office finding that 24 million Americans (including thousands in the Sixth District) stand to lose health insurance under the AHCA, as well as President Trump’s own admission that people living in places which voted for him would do far worse under the AHCA.

Can Goodlatte be convinced by his constituents to change his mind between now and the vote on Thursday? Contact him and find out.

4 thoughts on “Goodlatte: “It’s my intention” to vote for the GOP’s replacement for the ACA

  1. Jeff Clevenger

    Are you voting YES because Trump threatened you? Is the HJC independent or a surrogate for the White House? Voting YES is VG voting for 400,000 Virginians losing healthcare. You’ll be thankfully out of a job in 2018, but for those of us without healtcare, it’s life or death.


  2. Robert M Crouch

    I hope that Mr. Goodlatte will step out and do the right thing with ACA. Everyone should call and tell him who he represents and why improving an existing system is better than giving a huge tax break gift to those who need it least.


  3. Hey Goodlatte you dope, what are you voting for, a bill that offers inflated products to only a small few that can afford it while forcing millions into emergency rooms at an additional cost. The thing with extremists like you guys is while the rest of the world was coming of age and learning reasonable behavior the outcasts like you were relegated to your parents basement scheming and now look at the monster we have. The budget committee calls for 24 MM thrown off the Medicaid ranks and you focus on teeny weeny savings over a long period of time that cannot be maintained if you find a way not to throw millions into the street- simple math even for simple minded dopes like you although I guess you and your gang couldn’t care less if poor, elderly, minorities are thrown away. You should be ashamed of yourself


  4. free market place insurance…………open up the supply of insurance coverage. (across state lines)
    when you can shop for medical insurance the same as auto, life, home, etc…. the prices will fall.


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