Does Goodlatte know what Trump knows?

When House Republicans released their proposed alternative to the Affordable Care Act, Congressman Goodlatte was noncommittal. He promised to review the bill (it’s been more than a week now, Congressman), although he told an interviewer, “This plan is headed where it needs to head.”

 I wonder if Goodlatte still believes that after Donald Trump picked an awkward moment to be honest for a change.

The counties that voted heavily for Donald Trump are mostly rural counties with older populations– including many of the counties in the Sixth District. And their residents would bear the brunt of a switch from the Affordable Care Act to the Republican plan.

3 thoughts on “Does Goodlatte know what Trump knows?

  1. William Layman

    Time to eat some crow, Bob.


  2. Jeff Clevenger

    I don’t believe Trump or Goodlatte have reviewed the bill. We know Trump lacks the attention span and the ability to read, but the Representative Goodlatte moved from Massachusetts to attend one of Virginia’s great universities where the ability to read is a prerequisite.


  3. Goodlatte is being challenged on all fronts: integrity, needs of the 6th district, his core beliefs, his very belief in small government is called into questions as Trump announces the huge expansion of the police state.


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