Will Goodlatte hold town hall meetings in his district?

Last week I posted about Republican members of Congress who are avoiding face-to-face town hall meetings with their constituents since the election of Donald Trump as president.

I wondered if Congressman Goodlatte was among them.

Based on a recent “open door” meeting in Lexington between a staffer for Goodlatte and several residents of the Sixth District, it appears he indeed is one of those dodging any meetings where he might encounter disagreement or opposition.

According to several of those at the Lexington meeting, the staffer, Debbie Garrett, was asked if Goodlatte intended to hold any open town hall meetings in his district. She responded negatively, instead raising concerns about “security” in the 21st Century.

In terms of “security”: what does Goodlatte have to fear from facing the people he is supposed to represent in Congress? As for the 21st Century: Goodlatte held open town hall meetings as recently as the summer of 2013– well into this particular century and with no threats to safety or public order.

Was Ms. Garrett speaking for Goodlatte? It would be good to know. If you want to contact the congressman and ask, you can call his office in Washington at (202) 225-5431 or get in touch via his website.

(Hat tip: 50 Ways-Rockbridge)



3 thoughts on “Will Goodlatte hold town hall meetings in his district?

  1. I sent an email to Mr. Goodlatte about this very issue after the previous post. I received a call from a staff member at his office yesterday wanting to clarify my concerns. I told her he needs to hold a public meeting so people can meet him face to face to discuss concerns. She would not specifically say he will not hold a town hall, but continued to press me saying he wants to know my concerns and could she take a message to pass on to him. I reiterated that he needs to offer opportunities to meet with constituents face to face from time to time. I then gave her a few examples of my concerns with health care, climate change, etc. His office specifically called me in answer to an email complaining about no town halls, so this leads me to think we may be getting some attention on this concern and they are trying to pacify people by calling and hearing concerns individually over the phone. Keep pressing for face to face meetings!


  2. We as Virginians would also like to know why would you back the Keystone XL Pipeline Project. It has been said that you would pocket a large payoff tondo so. We did not send you to DC to make a pile of money on our dollar. We sent you there to work for Virginia. If you cannot be open about this, then it’s time to stand down. We as Virginians will remove you from office!!!


  3. 🐸 Meme Magician 🐸

    Maybe he doesn’t want to listen immature liberal yelling lmao


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