Does Goodlatte even care about Trump’s conflicts of interest?

It would appear not.

Responding to a recent post at Goodlatte Watch, reader Paul Kosmas writes:

I called Goodlatte in mid-December asking him to support Rep Katherine Clark’s Presidential Accountability Act (HR 6340), which would require the President and VP to put assets in a blind trust. His response letter shows a clear disdain for the Emoluments clause as it says, “As you may know, federal office holders are prohibited from engaging government business when they stand to gain a profit. The President and Vice President of the United States are exempt from this law.

This is Goodlatte’s egregious and willful ignorance of the Constitutional prohibition of the President profiting from the office.

Goodlatte should be made to reconcile his position on this with the Constitution.

One thought on “Does Goodlatte even care about Trump’s conflicts of interest?

  1. Robert M. Crouch

    Bob Goodlatte was on CNN a few minutes ago. His comments indicate to me that he is in lock step with Trump in regards to “building the wall” a tremendous waste of our taxpayer dollars. I don’t know Mr. Goodlatte personally but do believe he has been in office too long which has led to a dangerous sense of entitlement.


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