Goodlatte won’t challenge Trump on voter fraud

In an interview on CNN this morning, Congressman Goodlatte refused to call out President Trump for his absurd claim that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the November election because millions of Americans in Virginia and other states voted illegally.

Not exactly a profile in courage. Consider the contrast with Goodlatte’s fellow Republican, Senator Lindsey Graham:

“I wasn’t there, but if the President of the United States is claiming that 3.5 million people voted illegally, that shakes confidence in our democracy — he needs to disclose why he believes that,” Graham told CNN on Tuesday.


“I would urge the President to knock this off; this is the greatest democracy on Earth, we’re the leader of the free world, and people are going to start doubting you as a person if you keep making accusations against our electoral system without justification,” Graham said. “This is going to erode his ability to govern this country if he does not stop it.”

Certainly Goodlatte is as capable as Graham of understanding the falsity of Trump’s claims. What prevents him from speaking as honestly about Trump?

When will he finally put principle above party?

2 thoughts on “Goodlatte won’t challenge Trump on voter fraud

  1. Robert M Crouch

    I watched this and it is embarrassing to say the least. Mr Goodlatte definitely does not represent my way of thinking. Been in office too long.


  2. I think Goodlatte is now afraid of Trump after being chastised for trying to gut the Ethics committee.


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