Goodlatte’s vote helped plunge the US deeper into debt

Another reminder of the utter hypocrisy that is Congressman Goodlatte’s support for a Balanced Budget amendment to the Constitution.

CNN reports:

Uncle Sam needs to borrow a ton of money this week — in the middle of a fight with its biggest creditor.

The United States plans to sell about $294 billion of debt, according to the Treasury Department. That’s the highest for a week since the record set during the 2008 financial crisis.

Federal revenue is declining because of President Trump’s tax cuts, so the government needs to borrow more to make ends meet. At the same time, Washington’s borrowing costs have climbed rapidly in recent months.

Goodlatte, of course, joined most most Congressional Republicans in voting for the budget-busting tax cuts, which overwhelmingly benefit the very wealthy and corporations.

One thought on “Goodlatte’s vote helped plunge the US deeper into debt

  1. Daniel Patrick McCauley

    Bob also voted for the war in Iraq that George Bush put in a spending category that was the equivalent of a credit card. When Obama decided to put paying for the credit card bill on the books, Goodlatte criticized Obama for running up the budget.

    Since we have Retro Bob spinning this oldie of a balanced budget amendment, maybe he can bring up term limits again.


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