Before you vote on the GOP tax plan, Congressman…

With the House of Representatives scheduled to vote today on the Republican tax plan, I’ve sent the following message to Congressman Goodlatte:

Dear Congressman Goodlatte:

All indications are that you will join the overwhelming majority of your Republican colleagues today in voting for the Republican tax plan– a plan tilted heavily in favor of wealthy people and large corporations that will add up to $1.5 trillion to the national debt over the next decade.

Before you vote, however, I hope you will take a few minutes to watch the following videos.

In the first, your House colleague Suzan DelBene’s questions to Thomas Barthold, chief of staff to the Joint Committee on Taxation, revealed in specific detail how the plan favors corporate interests over those of teachers, firefighters, home buyers and relocating workers.

In the second, you can see a less-than-enthusiastic response from corporate CEOs to the idea of investing the windfall they would receive under the tax plan.

Appearing Tuesday at The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council conference in Washington, chief Trump administration economic advisor Gary Cohn watched with dismay when attendees were asked whether the reform bill would cause them to spend more on growth. Only a few responded.

“Why aren’t the other hands up?” Cohn asked, according to multiple press accounts.

Why indeed? And based on this response, are you– an outspoken advocate of balanced budgets– absolutely sure these tax breaks will produce the unprecedented increase in revenues required to fill the gap created by the Republican plan?

Update: Goodlatte joined 226 other Republicans and no Democrats to approve the tax plan.

One thought on “Before you vote on the GOP tax plan, Congressman…

  1. Voodoo economics. And for added fun, let’s eliminate healthcare for 13,000,000 hard working Americans to
    pay for it. I trust Rep Goodlatte will be voting no.


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