“Deficit hawk” Goodlatte backs budget-busting tax plan

Congressman Goodlatte rarely misses an opportunity to proclaim his opposition to deficit spending or his support for a Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget.

His record on these principles is another matter. So it comes as no surprise that Goodlatte has reacted favorably to the Republican tax plan which would add $1.5 trillion to the national debt over 10 years.

Republicans assure us that this tax plan– which overwhelmingly favors big corporations and the wealthiest Americans— would stimulate unprecedented economic growth and generate enough new tax revenue to fill the gap. But there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim– and plenty of evidence to the contrary. The massive 2001 tax cuts under President George W. Bush did little to boost the economy and instead contributed to the huge deficits during his administration.  A tax plan in Kansas similar to the current Republican plan was a failure that had to be scrapped.

Bruce Bartlett, an adviser to President Ronald Reagan, observed: “In reality, there’s no evidence that a tax cut now would spur growth.”

If Goodlatte nevertheless goes along with this plan, his hypocrisy will be exposed once again.

2 thoughts on ““Deficit hawk” Goodlatte backs budget-busting tax plan

  1. Jeff Clevengerh

    Hypocritical. disingenuous, despicable. Meanwhile Trump, his family, advisors and cabinet members have one degree of separation from Putin. Goodlatte doind nothing equals obstruction of justice. Let’s take care of business Tuesday and then focus on replacing Bob next November.


  2. Years ago, when my wife and I were adopting our 2nd child, Goodlatte told me he was sponsoring a bill to make adoption fees deductible. I told him the bill would do us no good, because his bill was no yet law. Under the current tax plan , adoption fees will no longer be deductible. Goodlatte, however supports the pla. I do not expect him to fight for this deduction. After all, this is the same man who was toterm limit himself.


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