Election trend should worry Goodlatte

Although Republican Ed Gillespie won about 60 percent of the vote in Virginia’s Sixth Congressional District while losing decisively to Ralph Northam in Tuesday’s race for governor, Congressman Goodlatte should take a hard look at a map that appears in The New York Times:

trend map

It shows in blue the precincts where Northam won a higher percentage of the vote than Hillary Clinton did in 2016. Goodlatte would no doubt notice that this happened in the overwhelming majority of precincts in the Sixth District. Electoral trends are important, and this one ought to cause a shiver of concern for even so complacent a politician as Goodlatte.

3 thoughts on “Election trend should worry Goodlatte

  1. According to Larry Sabato (UVA) in his FOX News interview, the statewide Democratic voter surge was 335,000 more voters than four years ago.


  2. Jeff Clevengerh

    I’m Jeff Clevenger, barn dad, Eagle Scout, Hokie, Violet, gun owner, blue water sailor, student pilot, Catholic, construction manager seeking nomination to oust Goodlatte as your representative with the message: healthcare for all Americans.


  3. Robert M. Crouch

    Go get him Jeff. 2018!!


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