Goodlatte reelection campaign already raking in cash for 2018

With a big boost from the information technology, internet and music industries, Congressman Goodlatte’s reelection campaign committee took in $144,425 in contributions during the first three months of 2017, according to the Federal Election Commission.

All but $9,600 of that amount is designated for Goodlatte’s 2018 primary contest– assuming he has a Republican challenger.

As I noted in February, Goodlatte co-chairs the Congressional Internet Caucus. In addition the House Judiciary Committee, which he chairs, includes a subcommittee on intellectual property and the internet.

The Staunton News Leader reported in 2015:

The congressman’s staunch support for copyright protections has endeared him to the liberal movie and music industry crowd. As he was about to assume his chairmanship two years ago, CNET Magazine announced Goodlatte as “Hollywood’s new copyright ally.” The International Business Times reported… that the Motion Picture Association of America has a priority of raising money for Goodlatte.

He said he doesn’t consider himself “Hollywood’s congressmen.” His alliance with movie and music makers stems from his focus on intellectual property, the ideas and inventions that he believes drive economic growth.

“You come up with a brilliant idea, whether it’s creative like art or music, or movies or books or an invention —something that can be patented,” Goodlatte said. “Then you get rewarded by the government protecting your rights under that; you then have the opportunity to grow the economy.”

Fair enough, but that doesn’t justify overlooking Goodlatte’s positions on a host of other issues which have been documented at Goodlatte Watch.

Among the IT and internet supporters of Goodlatte’s reelection campaign are the PACs of:

· Oracle ($2,500)

· eBay ($2,000)

· Amazon ($2,500)

· AT&T ($2,500)

· Comcast ($2,500)

Greg Maurer, public policy director for Facebook, kicked in a total of $5,000 ($2,700 for the primary and $2,300 for the general election).

The music industry has been generous. Donors include the PACs of:

· National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences ($2,500)

· National Music Publishers Association ($1,500)

· Universal Music Group ($2,000)

Among the individual contributors were Jeff Walker, executive vice president at Sony Music ($500); Mitch Glazier, president of the Recording Industry Association of America ($1,000); Clark Miller, executive vice president at Warner/Chappell Music ($500); and Jody Klein, CEO of ABKCO Music & Records ($500).

Goodlatte has plenty of other corporate donors, including the PACs of Wendys, Corning, Texas Instruments, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Nationwide Insurance and Toyota.

Goodlatte has also received donations from two union PACs: the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees ($2,500) and the American Federation of Musicians ($1,500). This hasn’t altered his essential hostility to organized labor, including support for a national “right to work” law.

You can find a complete list of the early donors to Goodlatte’s 2018 campaign here.

2 thoughts on “Goodlatte reelection campaign already raking in cash for 2018

  1. David-Anne Riffey Buckner

    No coincidence that Congress passed a law removing consumer privacy and making it easier still for big communications companies to mine our personal data for more gold. Disgusting. Anne

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Jeff Clevengerh

    Let’s have at it. Who isn’t for copyright protection and the American film industry. I’m prepared to raise whatever it takes rio remove this embarrassment to our great Commonwealth and a danger to out great nation. Jeff Clevenger, Democratic Candidate for the Sixth Congressional District


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