Goodlatte applauds US exit from climate accord

Here’s Congressman Goodlatte’s statement on President Trump’s announcement that the United States has joined only Nicaragua and Syria in rejecting the Paris climate agreement:

Today’s decision to exit the Paris Climate Agreement was the right move. I’ve had concerns from the beginning that this agreement was never ratified by the Senate, failing to get the scrutiny of the People’s elected representatives and flouting our constitutional treaty approval process. Additionally, the agreement puts significant burdens on the U.S. while we have already taken substantial steps in reducing CO2 emissions in our country. We all want a healthy environment to pass down to the next generation, and we should continue to work toward this goal on the international front in a way that preserves both the American economy and the environment.

Thus Goodlatte continues his down-the-line support for Trump’s policies and actions, no matter how reckless and irresponsible. In fact the White House even bragged about it.

Perhaps Goodlatte doesn’t understand the irony of this tweet on his Twitter feed:

being followed by this tweet:

The young wind-energy technologists from Botetourt County could probably explain to Goodlatte a thing or two about the dangers of climate change and need for renewable energy.

In case Goodlatte hasn’t noticed, the greatest job growth is in renewable energy. As someone who claims to want to create new employment opportunities for folks in the Sixth District, he should want to encourage this. You would think.

4 thoughts on “Goodlatte applauds US exit from climate accord

  1. Jeffery Clevenger

    Can it get worse? This is simply the right or wrong thing to do. Rep Goodlatte is misguided in his devotion to a man who lacks EVERY quality of a leader. EVEN CHINA is on board with the undeniable science. Yet Representative Goodlatte chooses to bury his head in the sand. Embarrassment for Virginia and dangerous for our small planet 2018 can’t come soon enough

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  2. I wish Rep. Goodlatte had the backbone to stand for what is right instead of blindly following whatever Trump does. Goodlatte is a good man but needs courage to step out from the herd which follows Trump.


  3. Sharon Pruett

    Goodlatte is as corrupt as they come. His allegiance is to his benefactors, not his constituents. His poor judgment and choices do NOT represent the good people of SW Virginia. He is a corporate lackey and ALWAYS puts party above country. Time for him to go. Time for Trump to go…make America great again by losing these two losers.


  4. Jeffery Clevenger

    Almost no one believes this is the tight move. I will replace Rep Goodlatte in 2018 but God help us get through this embarrassing nightmare until that time. Jeff Clevenger-Democratic candidate for Sixth Congressional District

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