Republican snowflake watch

Congressman Goodlatte isn’t the only Republican who apparently trembles at the thought of facing his or her own constituents at an open town hall meeting.

With Congress on a two-week recess, you might think the House Republicans who voted to kill the Affordable Care Act– which has allowed tens of millions of Americans to obtain health insurance– would want to take the opportunity to explain face-to-face to folks in their districts how this will benefit them.

But of the 217 Republicans who voted to replace the ACA with the atrocious American Health Care Act, only 14 (6.4 percent) have in-person town hall meetings scheduled in their districts, according to the Town Hall Project. (Another, Raul Labrador of Idaho, held a town hall meeting Friday at which he made a rather startling claim. At least he had the courage to stand up and spout this nonsense publicly.) Of course Goodlatte is one of the 93.6 percent who have chosen to keep a lower profile.

In recent years, conservatives have taken to calling supposedly oversensitive liberals “snowflakes.” But I think people are starting to understand who the real snowflakes are.

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