Charges dropped in rape case exploited by Goodlatte

One of Congressman Goodlatte’s favorite pursuits is an effort to link undocumented immigration (and Barack Obama’s allegedly lax attitude toward it) to criminal behavior.

Despite well-pubicized cases, there is no evidence that immigrants in the US, illegal or otherwise, commit crimes at a higher rate than native-born Americans– a fact which does not unduly trouble Goodlatte when it comes to fear-mongering.

When two immigrant teenagers at a high school in Rockville, Maryland, were charged with raping a 14-year-old classmate, Goodlatte was quick to exploit the case to stoke fear and prejudice. He squeezed out every ounce of political advantage he could. He posted on his website, on Twitter and on Facebook. He wrote to the secretary of Homeland Security effectively blaming the Obama administration for the alleged crime. He went on Fox News and did the same.

The Washington Post reported Friday:

Maryland prosecutors said they will drop rape and sex offense charges against two immigrant teens accused of attacking a 14-year-old classmate in a high school bathroom stall in a case that shocked local parents, attracted international and White House attention and stoked the debate about illegal crossings into the U.S.


Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy said at a press conference that “the original charges cannot be sustained and prosecution is untenable” because of “substantial inconsistencies” from witnesses.

In other words, there isn’t sufficient evidence that the crime even happened.

Rape is an awful crime, and those who commit it deserve to be punished no matter where they were born or how they entered the country. But using reported cases as a tool for political advantage does not contribute in the least to stopping it.

3 thoughts on “Charges dropped in rape case exploited by Goodlatte

  1. Crazy but true, Goodlatte walks lock step with the White House.
    The incidence is rape by white males is higher than any other demographic category.
    Here in Warren and Shenandoah Counties, there’s front page news about rape and assault by white males every month. They’re prosecuted effectively by the local courts. So, justice prevails.
    However, I find that politicians should be careful about which narratives they connect themselves with. Often, the politician is being used by a person In power for a pep rally.


  2. Jeff Clevengerh

    Rep Goodlatte’s alma mater, Washington and Lee must surely be asking themselves what he learned there. Presumed innocence is a big deal in law school. I guess you can boy out of Massachusetts but you can’t take the right wing reactionary, xenophobia out of the boy. Despicable


  3. Robert M Crouch

    Just another case of Goodlatte refusing to think for himself. This is a truly racist, anti humanity action. Mr. Goodlatte has to go. 2018


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