No “death spiral”

Congressman Goodlatte usually explains his zealous efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) by claiming it is in a “death spiral.” In fact he can’t seem to mention the law that has helped tens of millions of Americans (including more than 30.000 of his own constituents) to obtain health insurance without using that phrase.

But according to a report by Standard & Poor’s Financial Services, there is no “death spiral.” And such a thing could only happen if Republicans deliberately cause it.

“If the market continues unaffected, with a few fixes rather than an overhaul, we expect 2018, or Year 5 of the ACA individual market, to be one of gradual improvement with more insurers reporting positive (albeit low single-digit) margins,” the report states.

The report adds flatly that: “2016 results and the market enrollment so far in 2017 show that the ACA individual market is not in a ‘death spiral.’”

Still, the report warns that uncertainty due to Republicans’ actions in Washington could throw off this steady improvement in the market.

Goodlatte has been raising the alarm about increasing costs of health insurance. But if Republicans in Virginia would stop opposing expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, health care premiums in the Commonwealth could be lower.

If Congressman Goodlatte can’t bring himself to endorse some common-sense fixes to the Affordable Care Act, he should at least stop trying to scare his constituents with his “death spiral” talk.

3 thoughts on “No “death spiral”

  1. Jeffery Clevenger

    Medicaid with 2% administrative cost is a model for healthcare. Expanding it within the ACA and STOP TAKING PHARM LOBBY MONEY, and we could have the best system on the planet. Goodlatte is outright lying about ACA, which is being embraced more and more by GOP leaders, which begs the question of his motivation.

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  2. Goodlatte spent Wednesday morning meeting with Trump at the White House. Wonder what special treat is being cooked up for the party?


  3. Robert M. Crouch

    Unfortunately for most of his constituents Mr. Goodlatte appears to be marching in lock step with the other idiots inside the beltway. He apparently has forgotten that he is supposed to represent all the people in his district not just a select few. Let’s get a progressive replacement elected next year.


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