But still no town halls?

It’s great that Congressman Goodlatte took the time to appear (and I presume answer questions) in person at an April 10 meeting of the Roanoke County Republican Committee– at least it is if you’re a Roanoke County Republican.

But the rest of us who live in the Sixth District haven’t been so privileged lately.

In fact the meeting notice posted the Republican Committee didn’t even mention that Goodlatte would be there– only that he (and other politicians) had been invited.

Although appearances by Goodlatte in the Sixth District are sometimes publicized, we usually don’t learn about them until afterwards. I’d hate to think he was making an effort to avoid constituents who might voice their disapproval of him and his record.

2 thoughts on “But still no town halls?

  1. Jeff Clevengerh

    Ethics imbroglio, HJC staff authors Muslim ban, bills to allow mentally ill to buy guns, mining waste into streams, meals for elderly, dirty the Chesapeake Bay and a bill that would eliminate heathcare to 400,000 Virginians. Oh, and ACTIVELY BLOCKING THE RUSSIA/TRUMP INVESTIGATION . 2018 can’t come too soon.


  2. Republicans are hiding all over the country. The tragedy is that in every generation underclass citizenry fall prey to the snake oil salesmanship of the Republican Base and Principals. The champion of the power broker minority in this country does not serve the purpose of the vast overwhelming majority of the electorate and I wonder time and time again why so many assign and identify with groups to which they are not a part. Behemoth business, the pharmaceutical industry, banking industry executives and massive corporations that are protected by the Goodlattes of the world seem obvious to me – why not to so many others. Hey you “OTHERS” do you really believe a subscription to Golf Digest and a country club membership makes prudent alignment with law makers legislators and corporate parasites. It does not and you at not helped by their agenda. Please wake up and recognize that a man who coins a disingenuous phrase like the fairness in Class Action, pushes the bill through the BIAS House in the dad of night without scrutiny is not your buddy. This is just one example of a bill sponsored by this pig to squash victims everywhere and in particular victims suffering from profiteers in the Pharmaceutical industry, SO good luck ignoring these guys or worse contemplating if something you think he said is something you might agree with.We would all be better off discarding nearly everything this guy and his confederates like Steve King from IOWA are saying & doing. They do not have our interests at heart and they are weird and dysfunctional zealots on a island by themselves. Its frustrating that too many good hearted people can’t seem to identify when evil is in their midst. I suppose the banality of evil is a concept that is real. Evil comes in a plain brown wrapper too many times. People be diligent


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