Goodlatte spotted in Amherst

Although the public was not invited, WDBJ7 reports that Congressman Goodlatte hosted a luncheon with “civic leaders” in Amherst on Feburary 6, at which he discussed repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

Goodlatte said Congress is hoping to enact a replacement that will result in lower insurance premiums.

He added there will be a transition period for people on the current health exchange to find new insurance.

Perhaps someone more familiar with Amherst can say how representative these “civic leaders” are. But in the video of the luncheon I spotted no African-Americans, even though African-Americans are 30 percent of the town’s population.

And Goodlatte’s assurances that there will be a replacement for the ACA that will provide insurance to everyone at a lower cost are starting to wear thin. All indications are that Congressional Republicans are still flailing in their efforts to find a suitable replacement.

2 thoughts on “Goodlatte spotted in Amherst

  1. I just called the Roanoke office and when I asked when the next scheduled public meeting with Mr. Goodlate was. We had been on the phone for three minutes, but it was at that point that she asked me for my name and address. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS WHEN YOU CALL!!! I suspect that 1. I should have insisted on giving my name and address up front, as she clearly had no intention to pass my comments along if she didn’t even care to know if I were a constituent or not, and 2. they are now screening these calls in a way that shows they perceive insistence on meeting with members of Congress as a threat.


  2. Suzanne Chambers

    I found out about the Amherst Luncheon a week after and tried to reach district staffer Aaron Van Allen for two days about the event. I left a Valentine for him yesterday in Lynchburg at Goodlatte’s Office. I included my name and phone number, a copy of the brief news blurb about it and a list of questions. Who were these Civic Leaders? When does the public get a full report of this meeting? Why does the Congressman avoid his constituents? Why couldn’t I get through to him (Aaron) on the phone? After being instructed to leave a message, a recording saying “subscriber unable to receive messages… please press O to speak to, this recording bounced back and forth and I got nowhere. I called the Congressman’s D.C. Office and was told that all of his events are posted on the Website. I told her this one wasn’t. After expressing my concerns she told me she would relay the message. I asked her what that meant? She hesitated and said I will relay the message. I had to insist she take my name. Left a message on Aaron Van Allens voice mail today asking him to please call me. Watching Goodlatte is something we all need to do!


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