The search is on

Congressman Goodlatte has not held an open town hall meeting in the Sixth District since August 2013 and has consistently stonewalled requests from constituents to meet with them face to face. This is one result.


One thought on “The search is on

  1. This is what a Republican Representative who is not afraid of his constituents looks like. And he didn’t accuse them of being paid protesters:

    Representative Gus Bilirakis was determined to walk into his health-care town hall in Florida through the front door — even though local deputies suggested a side door might be a safer route…”Their worries are real. And their stories are genuine,” Bilirakis said Saturday during a car ride to the event at a local government office in New Port Richey, near Tampa. When Bilirakis’s vehicle pulled up, an overflow crowd was waiting with signs that read “Care NOT Chaos!” and “What Do You Say To The 43,000 In Your District Who Depend On The Affordable Care Act?”

    But Bilirakis, 54, who sits on the Energy and Commerce subcommittee on health, said he had no doubts about how genuine the emotions were at his meeting, which grew tense at times…”Most of these people are my constituents,” he said. “I don’t have any question that they are authentic.”


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