Goodlatte votes to advance Obamacare repeal

Even though more than 30,000 of his Sixth District constituents have obtained vital health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, Congressman Goodlatte is fully on board with the Republican effort to repeal the law.

As he has in the past, Goodlatte touts the GOP’s so-called “Better Way” plan as an  alternative to the ACA. But as Huffington Post reported:

The plan, which isn’t legislation and is more like a mission statement, lacks the level of detail that would enable a full analysis, but one thing is clear: If put in place, it would almost surely mean fewer people with health insurance, fewer people getting financial assistance for their premiums or out-of-pocket costs, and fewer consumer protections than the ACA provides.

According to Goodlatte’s Congressional office:

Many are asking what a new health care system will look like. Crafting a new system that works for Americans is of the utmost importance and something Congress is taking very seriously. House Republicans have shared numerous ideas over the past several years that would create a health care system focused on patients, not the government.

In fact there is very little evidence that Republicans have been seriously working on an alternative to Obamacare that would meet the needs of the tens of millions of Americans currently insured through the law.

If a large share of the Sixth District residents covered through the ACA contacted Goodlatte about their concerns, he surely would pay attention. Wouldn’t he?

2 thoughts on “Goodlatte votes to advance Obamacare repeal

  1. The News Virginian has an editorial by Mr Goodlatte which repeats this non-substantive information about the vaporware replacement that Republicans promised…and promised…and promised for the ACA. “A Way Backward” would be a better description.


  2. The sound waves in the news concerning this and for some time sounds as if those who want to repel the existing plan (vs. making/tweaking changes) are more concerned with having their way and perhaps poor losers (toddler behavior that has continued to be a pattern in this anxious group collectively–congress).


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