Goodlatte versus the FBI again

Watch as Congressman Goodlatte makes a fool of himself with his ultra-partisan badgering of FBI official Peter Strzok at a joint hearing of the House Judiciary Committee (which he chairs) and the House Intelligence Committee.

Goodlatte threatened Strzok with a contempt citation after he declined to answer a question because FBI lawyers had instructed him not to answer any questions about the ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 US election.

For months Goodlatte has been on a crusade to portray Strzok as part of an anti-Trump “conspiracy” at the FBI– despite solid evidence to the contrary.

Anyone who thought Goodlatte, once he announced his retirement from Congress, would feel less obligated to take Donald Trump’s side at every opportunity clearly overestimated the integrity of the congressman.

4 thoughts on “Goodlatte versus the FBI again

  1. Kitty Herrmann

    He is continuing his evident total lack of ethics until the end. What a disgrace he is to Virginia.


  2. Robert M. Crouch

    Our duly elected representative is an embarrassment to all in this district. He and his bunch have drank the Trump Koolaid and sadly so have many of others.The person being interviewed is a highly decorated FBI agent and 10 times the man of any of these jerks.


  3. Never thought that such a thing could happen. While trump attacks our allies and NATO the congress attacks the FBI.
    Maybe Goodlatte and his COMRADES were promised a seaside home in Crimea.
    C. Justice


  4. Robin Barnhill

    Looks like he has been sucking on lemons all day. He is an embarrassment


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