Goodlatte opposes Puerto Rico relief bill

Congressman Goodlatte Thursday was among a minority of Republicans who voted against a package of emergency relief for Puerto Rico and other parts of the US struck by natural disasters.

The Republican-controlled House voted 353-69 to approve $36.5 billion in emergency relief for Puerto Rico and other areas hit by recent disasters. Senate approval is expected in coming weeks.

[President] Trump and his aides on Thursday suggested that there would be a limit to how much help Puerto Rico could expect from Washington to solve some of its longer-term problems, although Trump is expected to sign the latest emergency package.


Besides helping Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria, the House-passed bill would also provide funds for the storm-struck areas of Florida, Texas and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and fire-ravaged California.


Much of Puerto Rico remains without electricity or running water three weeks after Hurricane Maria made landfall.

Goodlatte’s hard-hearted attitude toward the suffering people of Puerto Rico might be seen as a sign of his professed devotion to fiscal and budgetary restraint– were it not for his votes for irresponsible spending during the George W. Bush administration and his  support for Trump’s $25 billion border wall boondoggle.

3 thoughts on “Goodlatte opposes Puerto Rico relief bill

  1. Send the border wall budget-wait! Mexico was paying for the wall-to Puerto Rico, rebuild infrastructure, put Americans to work and save lives. The administration is under reporting deaths already. More despicable behavior


  2. the lives of the people of Puerto Rico are far more important than a border wall. Shame on Goodlatte for his lack of caring for suffering American citizens


  3. David Jolly (R Florida) just said on MSNBC that Democrats must take over the House in 2018 to protect the world from Trump.


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