Prayers aren’t enough, Congressman

Congressman Goodlatte offered prayers but nothing else on Monday after the deadliest mass shooting in US history killed at least 59 people in Las Vegas and wounded hundreds more.

Goodlatte, who proudly touts his support from the National Rifle Association, has consistently opposed even the most common-sense regulations on gun ownership. In fact he has done all he can to loosen the regulations that do exist.

The NRA has generously rewarded Goodlatte for his devotion to their wishes. As of last year the organization had donated $52,250 to his political campaigns.

Among other actions, Goodlatte voted to overturn a rule that would bar gun ownership by some who have been deemed mentally impaired by the Social Security Administration. He has opposed universal background checks and renewing the ban on private sale of assault weapons. He refused a request from Andy Parker, the father of TV news reporter Alison Parker, to hold hearings in the House Judiciary Committee on gun laws after Alison was killed by a gunman.

Expect inaction and obstruction from Goodlatte until the next mass shooting horror– when the congressman will again be pleased to offer more prayers.


2 thoughts on “Prayers aren’t enough, Congressman

  1. Jeff Clevengerh

    Nobody needs an assault weapon to hunt or even protect themselves. This one is squarely on the NRA and those who accept their support to get elected. Also, Christian Scientists have a right to express their beliefs until it infringes or conflicts with the rights of other Americans. Prayer alone won’t fix today’s tragedy or cure a kid with cancer.


  2. Robert M. Crouch

    I own a hand gun and defend the right of reasonable people to own a fire arm. However no one in the public sphere has either a right or a need to own an assault rifle. The influence of the NRA, which had a good purpose at it’s founding, is way beyond reasonable and is driven by money not reason. Unfortunately it takes action to see and correct problems. Words won’t do it. Our congress needs to get busy using their minds and take action to pass reasonable gun registration laws. I am afraid most like Mr. Goodlatte are too busy feeding at the trough and waiting for the idiot in chief to issue his next instruction to use their own minds. 2018


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