Goodlatte approves Trump’s end of protection for “Dreamers”

Congressman Goodlatte has issued a statement supporting President Trump’s cruel decision to end the DACA program which allows 800.000 people brought to the US by their parents to remain in the country if they have no criminal records are are going to school, working or serving in the military.

President Trump has done the right thing by ending this unlawfully-contrived program. In addition to working on immigration enforcement legislation, per the President’s request, I stand ready to work with the Trump Administration and my colleagues in Congress to address this problem the right way: through reasonable legislation passed by Congress, rather than by executive fiat.

Putting aside Goodlatte’s dubious assertion that the DACA program is “unlawfully-contrived”: Are we to take this seriously after Goodlatte has done his best as chair of the House Judiciary Committee to block the sort of meaningful and comprehensive immigration reform supported by a majority of Americans?

3 thoughts on “Goodlatte approves Trump’s end of protection for “Dreamers”

  1. Trump and Goodlatte couldn’t carry Preaident Obama’s water yet their agenda seems to but nothing more than erase him from history. 2018 can’t come soon enough.


  2. Robert M. Crouch

    Anyone who stands up for this decision to penalize children for their parents decisions is as bad as the two bigoted racists who contrived it, Trump and Sessions. Zero respect for Goodlatte and cannot wait until I hear his name for the last time.


  3. Pitiful and shameful position for our representative to take. Shame on you!


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