GOP congressman asks Goodlatte for hearing on white supremacists

For months Congressman Goodlatte, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has studiously ignored a series of letters from Democratic members of the committee asking him to schedule hearings on President Trump’s financial conflicts of interest, the firing of former FBI director James Comey and the Department of Justice investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Goodlatte has not given the committee Democrats even the courtesy of a single reply to their letters.

Will he find it similarly convenient to disregard a letter from Darrell Issa, a fellow Republican on the committee?

As members of the committee of jurisdiction on issues related to civil rights and democracy, we too have a unique duty to examine the impact recent displays of hatred from white supremacist groups have on civil rights in America. Therefore, I write today to call for the full Committee to hold a hearing on this topic when we return in September.


One thought on “GOP congressman asks Goodlatte for hearing on white supremacists

  1. Robert M. Crouch

    I would like to see Bob respond positively to this letter however I do not believe he will. Let’s be sure this is his last term in office.


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