Goodlatte reacts to Charlottesville deaths

After several hours of silence, a decent statement from Congressman Goodlatte on the awful events of today in Charlottesville, which at least recognizes who was responsible for the death and injuries among the anti-racist protesters:

I am deeply saddened and revolted by the hate and violence taking place in Charlottesville, and am praying for the victim killed and others injured. The racist and anti-Semitic views embraced by white supremacists have no place in our nation and do not reflect core American values of equality and religious freedom. We are all created in the image of God, and I strongly condemn such detestable views against fellow human beings.

Now if only Goodlatte could bring himself to demand that President Trump do more than make a mealy-mouthed condemnation of hatred and violence on “many sides.” (When violent Islamic extremists do this sort of thing, he’s usually a lot more specific.)

Other Congressional Republicans can do it.

Why does Goodlatte continue his oh-so-gentle treatment of a president even he must realize is unfit to lead our country?

2 thoughts on “Goodlatte reacts to Charlottesville deaths

  1. Jeff Clevengerh

    Thank you Rep Goodlatte. I was in Charlottesville last Saturday attending National Democratic candidate training to unseat you. The mayor, who was understandably apprehensive about the event was one of the speakers. We all abhor the bigotry and hatred with the possible exception of Donald Trump. He is clearly a danger to our national security as these white supremacists are his base.


  2. Tobias R. Philbin

    Goodlatte is bought and paid for I am just wondering if he is in line to do the Atty Gen Job and fire Mueller?


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