Goodlatte approves Russia sanctions but won’t probe Russian election interference

Congressman Goodlatte was among the overwhelming majority of Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives who voted Tuesday to impose new sanctions on North Korea, Iran and Russia.

Goodlatte posted on Facebook:

These nations continue to undermine America’s national security and promote instability elsewhere. This legislation today makes it clear that these threats will not be ignored.

The House-approved bill would give Congress the power to block any effort by the White House to weaken sanctions on Russia.

One of the most serious threats from Russia occurred last year when the Putin regime interfered in the US presidential election with the intention of helping Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. Further there are many disturbing indications of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and representatives of the Russian government.

As chair of the powerful House Judiciary Committee, Goodlatte has the power to schedule hearings to investigate these matters.

So Goodlatte needs to be asked:

If you are so concerned about threats from Russia, why did you vote to kill a resolution of inquiry asking the Department of Justice to provide Congress with documents relating to President Trump conflicts of business interests and possible ties to Russia?

And why have you ignored repeated letters from Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee calling for investigations into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia and whether President Trump and other administration officials have obstructed justice in the probe of Russia’s role in the election?

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