As ACA repeal collapses, Goodlatte is still stubborn and clueless

Now that the misbegotten effort of Congressional Republicans to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)– and deprive tens of millions of Americans of health insurance– has gone down in flames, and “repeal without replace” is a non-starter, Congressman Goodlatte issued the following breathtakingly dishonest statement:

At this point, as even Goodlatte must realize, there is no “process” to keep going. Instead we get an ominous proposal (or threat) from President Trump to “let Obamacare fail“– whatever that means and whoever that hurts.

While Goodlatte blames the ACA for premium increases (due largely to better coverage and Republican-generated uncertainty over the fate of the law), he ignores the fact that the now-dead Senate Republican version of “repeal and replace” would have driven premiums much higher.

Nothing Goodlatte or the Republicans have proposed would do anything to “increase access to care and choice and deliver affordable insurance options.”

It’s time for Goodlatte to stop scapegoating the ACA and to start helping make it work better.

3 thoughts on “As ACA repeal collapses, Goodlatte is still stubborn and clueless

  1. Word. Badlatte has allowed the ACA to stall by not expanding Medicaid or tweaking it to incentivize insurance companies to offer reasonable rates. His statement is disingenuous at best. Back to your Rolls Royce plan, Bob; the commoners will just wait.


  2. Jeff Clevengerh

    Every GOP should answer a simple question regarding ACA. Do you support affordable effective healthcare for every American? Representative Goodlatte supports a tax cut for wealthy that would have been paid for by slashing Medicaid affecting 34%?of the children in Virginia 06. Combine that with doing NOTHING as HJC chairman to discover what looks like treason by Trump family seeking information from a hostile foreign government


  3. Good Morning Corrupt PIG – We get that your forked tongue existence meets the desperate needs of the confused, limited, and desperate but the other 65% of the world knows what you are and I still have faith they will out corrupt garbage like you so you can just bore and embarrass your immediate family. Imagine their disappointment having to wake up to that MUG everyday


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