Trump humiliates Goodlatte; calls AHCA “mean, mean, mean”

When the House of Representatives approved the misbegotten American Health Care Act as a replacement for the Affordable Care Act, Congressman Goodlatte tweeted:

So I can’t help wondering how Goodlatte feels now that the president he has supported so loyally has trashed the House-passed AHCA in a meeting with Republican senators.

Sources who spoke to the Associated Press said Trump told GOP senators that the House bill is “mean, mean, mean” and must be made “more generous.” CNN adds that Trump told the lawmakers that the House bill would leave too many people vulnerable and that he wants more money spent on those people. One Republican senator related that Trump “talked about the need to take care of people.”

Now that Trump has blown to smithereens all of Goodlatte’s assurances about how the AHCA will protect people better than the ACA, what does the congressman have to say?

He should be asked.

2 thoughts on “Trump humiliates Goodlatte; calls AHCA “mean, mean, mean”

  1. Jeff Clevengerh

    When a mean, mean, mean, delusional POTUS calls you mean, mean, mean you both have the same problem.


  2. Goodlatte is obviously a clumsy ( & evil ) patsy for city slickers like Trump. Its always been that way just as the vast majority of the supporters fall into the same bucket. Dupes, Patsy’s Pawns, Idiots & this is an elected official. Imagine meeting the dufus(s) voting for these guys


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