Goodlatte’s full statement

It turns out a statement on Congressman Goodlatte Facebook page which I linked to Wednesday— approving the appointment of a special counsel to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in trying to influence the 2016 election– was incomplete.

I just came across a statement on Goodlatte’s website which adds the following paragraph:

I applaud the Trump Administration for taking this important step that the previous Administration repeatedly declined to do in other matters, ensuring an independent and thorough investigation is conducted to unearth all the facts. This decision will help instill much needed public confidence in the investigation.

So Goodlatte applauds the “Trump Administration” for something that Trump is clearly unhappy about and considers part of a “witch hunt”, while taking the opportunity to aim a shot at his preferred target: the Obama administration. Unfortunately for the congressman, Obama is no longer President of the United States.

5 thoughts on “Goodlatte’s full statement

  1. How does one contact Goodlatte directly?


  2. Click the “Contact” link above.


  3. I internally head-desked myself into a concussion…


  4. The Coward and Hypocrite Bob Goodlatte’s statement on Bill Clinton:

    “I have a constitutional duty to follow the truth wherever it leads. The truth in this case leads me to believe that the President knowingly engaged in a calculated pattern of lies, deceit, and delay in order to mislead the American people, impede the search for truth, deny the right of his accuser to have her day in court, and protect himself from criminal prosecution. Therefore, I have no alternative but to support articles of impeachment against President Clinton. Mr. Speaker, we must ask ourselves what the President’s failure to uphold the rule of law says to the Nation, and most especially to our children, who must trust us to leave them a civilized nation where justice is respected it is for them and for their future that we must act today.”


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