Judiciary Democrats call on Goodlatte to hold hearings on Comey firing

All 17 Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have written to Chairman Bob Goodlatte urging immediate hearing on President Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey.

In their letter, the Members noted the “decision to abruptly fire Mr. Comey not only undermines the Department of Justice’s investigation into Russia’s efforts to influence the recent U.S. elections in possible coordination with the Trump campaign, but also threatens to erode confidence in the Department as a bedrock of independence and integrity within our system of government.”  They asked that the hearings include former FBI Director Comey, Attorney General Sessions, and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and that they be held no later than May 25, 2017.

(You can read the letter here.)

Given Goodlatte’s meek response to the Comey firing, it’s unlikely he will agree to the request.

In November, committee Democrats wrote to Goodlatte asking for hearings on potential conflicts between Trump’s business interests and his future position as president of the United States. The hearings were never called. Goodlatte didn’t even give the Democrats the courtesy of a reply.

Unfortunately there’s no reason to expect he’ll act any differently this time.

Update: In his statement on the Comey firing, Goodlatte said: “It is clearly the President’s prerogative to remove the FBI Director, as was recommended by the top two officials at the Department of Justice.”

Now we know that Trump was determined to fire Comey regardless of what the DoJ recommended. It’s clear that Trump’s determination to get rid of Comey came before the recommendations that Goodlatte cites. The recommendations were simply cover for what Trump wanted to do. Surely even Goodlatte can acknowledge that.


3 thoughts on “Judiciary Democrats call on Goodlatte to hold hearings on Comey firing

  1. Robert M Crouch

    Spineless syncophants seldom take any affirmative action. Don’t expect it this time.2018


  2. The wolf is in the village. Will Goodlatte hide in his cottage?


  3. Jeff Clevengerh

    Rep Goodlatte has demonstrated that he will consistently put partisan politics ahead of the Constitution of the United States of America. Trump could be in a federal prison before the fall, and in my opinion, Rep Goodlatte has obstructed justice even before the tyrant took office


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