Goodlatte says he’ll vote for latest version of ACA repeal

During another of his impersonal, tightly-controlled Facebook Live events, Congressman Goodlatte said he plans to vote Thursday to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with the latest version of the misbegotten American Health Care Act– without waiting to find out from the Congressional Budget Office how it would impact insurance coverage for tens of millions of Americans.

While reducing coverage for ordinary Americans, the bill would provide a huge tax cut for the wealthy.

Despite a cynical last-minute maneuver, the bill would severely weaken the provision in the current law preventing health insurers from discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions. 

You can let Goodlatte know how you feel about this by calling his office at (202) 225-5431.

6 thoughts on “Goodlatte says he’ll vote for latest version of ACA repeal

  1. Jeffery Clevenger

    The disaster that has been repeal and replace is setting the table for a single payer expansion of Medicare, the most efficient healthcare system on earth. Why wouldn’t emplotera want this off their pkates? Especially multinational companies where they are currently at a competitive disadvantage. Heathcare lobbies and the positions they “support” (own) are driving this greedy train(wreck). Why else would Rep Goodlatte vote for something that will take away heathcare for 400,000 working, VOTING Virginians?

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  2. Robert M Crouch

    This bill is another return to the past. As an insulin dependent diabetic I lived what happens when a person with a preexisting condition tries to buy health insurance. I shared my story with Goodlatte. His vote for this abomination shows clearly what little regard he has for me and others like me. Throw the bum out. 2018


  3. The 6th District ranks 3rd out of the eleven congressional districts for seniors 65 years and older. Their Medicare coverage will be affected, and the supplemental health insurance premiums will most likely increase significantly. How many seniors will have to return to low wage jobs in an already tight job market to pay for their prescription drugs and medical therapies. As bad as that sounds, a large number of seniors will have to choose between medical expenses and food, or worse. I’ve personally witnessed the benefits that Medicare affords seniors, but without access to a quality supplemental health policy, the fixed incomes of most seniors can not sustain the increasing costs of prescriptions and therapeutic services.

    President Trump made a lot of promises during his campaign and in recent public rallies. I have yet to see legislation that supports his campaign promises. Promises broken will fan the flames of revolt by voters.


  4. So hearing Goodlatte on a town hall phone call recently inspired this poem. I sent it to the Roanoke Times as well. And will share it with Goodlatte through his assistant who comes to our town. I’ve read this at events in DC and Arlington. This is how I speak back to him:

    Eyes Wide Open: A Poem for Congressman Bob Goodlatte

    Bob. Can I call you Bob? I hope so
    because I want you to know me,
    not in that manila envelope
    Excel spreadsheet kind of way,
    but in that needle-under-the-skin,
    help-me-I’m-not-ready-to-die way,
    like if you waded
    into an angry ocean, stretching
    to pull my family
    from a leaking boat,
    like if you gave us
    blankets, food, and clothes,
    not caring what god
    or country we come from, I’d feel gratitude
    warm as honey in my gut, gorgeous
    as daybreak in my blood. We’d be
    friends for life. Bob, imagine
    you’re hungry and injured,
    without a place to go
    because the bombs keep falling
    and the children keep dying
    and the blockades of aid
    go on and on. Or imagine
    the cartels have your name and number, want
    your house and your daughter where
    there’s no work and no law. Here’s
    how you’ll know me—when you need
    to flee or die, I’ll point you
    to the sanctuary city without asking
    if you’re a terrorist, rapist, or drug-lord.
    I’m the everyday American
    with a clipboard and no fear, saying
    welcome. I won’t ask for papers
    that prove you have a right
    to laugh, cry, and speak
    with the Virginia air I breathe. I’ll
    share our mountain breezes, which smell
    of lilac and pine, at least for now,
    despite your votes. Bob,
    I’m trying to see
    into your heart. I heard
    what you said to the lady
    scared about her healthcare,
    your voice genteel on the phone
    at the sort-of town hall meeting:
    “Maybe people will learn
    to take their medicine on time
    and follow doctors’ orders
    if they have to pay
    more attention
    to cost.” Bob, please
    excuse the personal questions,
    but have you ever had cancer,
    lost your hair, your balance,
    or the underrated ability
    to wipe your ass?
    Did you ever lack
    decent insurance?
    The next time you feel
    your chest tightening
    or an unexplained lump
    in the groin, ignore it
    and take your aspirin
    like a good representative.
    Congressman Bob Goodlatte
    of Virginia’s 6th District, I’ll never
    really know you, but I’m
    watching and learning
    all the time.

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  5. I am so angry about Bob’s vote and cappy Facebook townhall that I would like to start canvassing in my neighborhood against him now. Are there any resources available to provide non-confrontational and preferably non-partisan talking points? I feel like there is a lot of common ground to find on how Bob has failed to represent the interests of his constituents. I would like to avoid coming off as a ‘smug snowflake.’ Thanks.


  6. For Goodlatte and the rest of the Republicans, we are just numbers that add up for or against. There is no concern for the individual or what they are facing or how they will be affected. They care if we support them, but if we don’t we are written off. This healthcare vote today is a hollow victory that they have pursued for so long that they only care about the win, not the effects.


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