Goodlatte and the “mob scenes”

On Wednesday, defending his practice of holding “telephone town halls” instead of in-person town halls in the Sixth District, Congressman Goodlatte said:

[W]e have found that these telephone town hall meetings provide for an opportunity for a very civil discourse as opposed to what you’ve seen around the country where people turn town meetings into mob scenes and have cardboard cutouts of elected officials and all kinds of other things that kind of demean the process and take away from the people who show up and really want to have a serious discussion about the issues facing the country.

Goodlatte’s professed concern about unruly behavior at his town halls demeaning the process is undercut by a video of a town hall he hosted in 2009, during which the chair of the Roanoke County Democratic Committee spoke in support of including a public option in the Affordable Care Act. Listen to the hostile reaction of much of the audience, drowning out the speaker. Listen to Goodlatte not chastise audience members for their rude behavior. 

In fact he continued holding in-person town hall meetings until 2013, when he mysteriously stopped.

The obvious conclusion is that Goodlatte only cares about “mob scenes” when there’s a chance the “mob” may be angry at him.

(Hat tip: Chris Gavaler)

4 thoughts on “Goodlatte and the “mob scenes”

  1. Jeffery Clevenger

    You, sir, are the only one demeaning the process, a time honored tradition. That you still support this administration in the face of overwhelming evidence that they are allowing a hostile foreign government to invade this great sovereign nation while misusing your authority to block investigations demeans us all.

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  2. Robert M Crouch

    Unfortunately Rep. Goodlatte has lost track of who he is supposed to serve, our constitution and the people who elected him, not the sitting President.


  3. Ellen Valentine

    Slimy jerk


  4. What is the update on this guy’s deliberate intent to cut the legs out from under the working class, consumers, everyone other than the corrupt and privileged ? Does anyone have an update on his Class Action Bill please. I assume organizations who are against this legislation are lobbying. Please advise anyone


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