Goodlatte extols Trump speech while ignoring the details

At the beginning of every session of Congress, Bob Goodlatte introduces “balanced budget” amendments to the Constitution while piously declaring his opposition to imposing crush debts on future generations.

So on the surface, it’s rather odd that Goodlatte was so enthusiastic about President Trump’s address to Congress on Tuesday.

Never mind for the moment Trump’s ridiculous promise to come up with a health care plan to provide better insurance at a lower cost to everyone currently covered through Obamacare. Or his cynical effort to equate immigration with crime, even though immigrants to the US have a lower crime rate than native-born Americans.

How does Goodlatte expect Trump to fulfill the promises in his speech to massively increase military spending, create a huge infrastructure program and cut taxes on corporations and the wealthy without exploding the deficit?

Based on past history, the answer is that Goodlatte doesn’t expect anything of the sort. And he really doesn’t care. His vaunted fiscal conservatism only seems to kick in when a Democrat happens to be president.

4 thoughts on “Goodlatte extols Trump speech while ignoring the details

  1. Robert M. Crouch

    Goodlatte is just another spineless politician who is quite obviously willing to say or do anything to curry favor with the current president. Way past time for him to go.

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  2. Jeff Clevenger

    What leadership is the gentleman from Virginia seeing?


  3. The rule of law twists and turns, and hides in the pockets of the GOP committee chairmen. No search for truth. No guarantee of transparency. No moral defense of the Constitution. No accountability to millions of voters. SHAME!


  4. Richard Mondale

    Bob would get further if he would introduce the Jefferson Amendment.


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