Tell Goodlatte to back resolution of inquiry on Trump’s business conflicts and Russia ties

The most important thing that will happen Tuesday on Capitol Hill won’t be President Trump’s address to Congress.

It will be the Goodlatte-chaired House Judiciary Committee’s consideration of Congressman Jerrold Nadler’s resolution of inquiry (H. Res. 111) that would compel the Department of Justice to provide Congress with documents relating to President Trump’s conflicts of business interests and possible ties to Russia.

According to Nadler:

Chairman Goodlatte… gave notice of an amendment in the nature of a substitute to my resolution, with wording virtually identical to H. Res. 111. That amendment only exists as a threat to cut off debate on the underlying resolution. I urge the Chairman not to break from the longstanding practice of the House Judiciary Committee, and to allow a full debate on the resolution of inquiry. If Republicans choose to block the measure, so be it.  At least we will know where they stand.

Goodlatte needs to hear from his Sixth District constituents by 10 a.m. Tuesday that they want the Judiciary Committee to approve Nadler’s resolution of inquiry. Phone his office at (202) 225-5431 or email him via his website.

You can watch the Judiciary Committee hearing starting at 10:15 a.m. Tuesday here.

One thought on “Tell Goodlatte to back resolution of inquiry on Trump’s business conflicts and Russia ties

  1. While Navy Seal Ryan Owens and 30 children were dying in a “raid”, Trump either couldn’t be bothered or lacks the attention span to be in the Situation Room as Commander in Chief. The Senator that heads the Intelligence Committee boasted that he sicced the FBI on Clinton. Bob Goodlatte is ACTIVELY blocking any real investigation by using HJC resources to investigate leaks. If he can’t lead or follow, at least get out of the way


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