Still dodging constituents, Goodlatte acts as Trump’s go-between in India

As people in Waynesboro and throughout the Sixth District ask “Where’s Bob?” Congressman Goodlatte traveled to India this week with other members of the House Judiciary Committee.

In principle there is nothing wrong with members of Congress visiting other countries. But they should do so with a modicum of independence, and not just as an emissary for the president.

Before meeting [Prime Minister Narendra Modi], …Goodlatte declined to answer a question on visa restrictions, saying it was up to President Trump to reassess his policies on immigration.

Goodlatte also said the U.S. president had been a businessman, “And he likes to do deals and he also wants to do deals with India and other countries around the world.”

That’s nice. But what do you think, Congressman?

3 thoughts on “Still dodging constituents, Goodlatte acts as Trump’s go-between in India

  1. Any tough question, divert to Trump. Meanwhile, 400,000 Virginians are about to lose their health insurance. But we are safer, even though you inherited the lowest crime rate in 47 years.


  2. In addition to the above, please contact Congressman Goodlatte about the following Education Bills: 1. HR610-Forces states to adopt a voucher system or lose federal aid-NO!; 2. HR899-Eliminates the U.S.D.O.E. (specifically the Office of Civil Rights) because it offers federal oversight of states who may not seek to serve our most vulnerable children. NO!; 3. H.R. 785-National “Right to Work” bill–seeks to dismantle the power of unions. NO! Contact: Rep. Goodlatte, 2309 Rayburn HOB, Wash., D.C., 20515, phone: 202-225-5431; fax: 202-225-9681 Thank you, Erin


  3. On April 21, about 30 constituents of Congressman Bob Goodlatte attended a regularly scheduled “open door” meeting at the Forest Library. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Aaron Van Allen, the Congressman’s district representative. The meeting was held during a “district work period”, so it was not surprising that one of the constituents asked “Where’s Bob?” Mr. Van Allen was unable to answer the question. It was apparent that he either did not know or had been directed to refuse to disclose the Congressman’s whereabouts. The question did not go unanswered, however, because another constituent said that she had read a news item from India, which said that he was there for meetings.

    As has been noted, it is not necessarily wrong for members of Congress to visit other countries. However, Mr. Goodlatte’s own words about communication are “I’ve always made it my priority to communicate with the people I represent.” Those words ring hollow when we find that even his own staffers, let alone his constituents, are in the dark about what the Congressman is doing. Secret Agent Goodlatte seems to have little idea about what communication really is.


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