Watch for Goodlatte (updated)

wheres-bobSince the House of Representatives is off next week for “district work,” Congressman Goodlatte may actually be out and about in the Sixth District. Not that he is likely to make his presence anywhere widely known in advance.

If you spot Goodlatte, or learn of his whereabouts, please report it in the comments below.

(Hat tip: Chris Gavaler)

Update: Unless you’ll be in India next week, never mind. Indian media report that Goodlatte will lead a bipartisan Congressional delegation of eight lawmakers visiting New Delhi and Bangalore from February 20 to 23. No mention of the visit on his website, and it’s about as far from the Sixth District as you can get.

There’s nothing wrong in principle with members of Congress visiting foreign countries. But maybe an Indian reader of Goodlatte Watch (there is at least one) can ask him when he will hold an in-person town hall meeting in Roanoke, Staunton or Front Royal.

4 thoughts on “Watch for Goodlatte (updated)

  1. What kind of leadership is this? Hiding from constituents in radio stations, daring to use the term Town Hall. Meanwhile back at the ranch, using HJC resources looking into leaks instead of the Trump/Russia connection.


  2. He might be at Mar-a-Largo!


  3. I case you were wondering. Bob is in 100% agreement with DLT. This is from a new scorecard by the 538 Blog.


  4. Who cares where Bob Goodlatte is–we need to run a great candidate against him!!!


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