Goodlatte votes to kill worker protection and stream protection rules

Congressman Goodlatte was among the 233 Republicans and three Democrats (to 186 Democrats and one Republican) in the House of Representatives to vote against a rule that would forbid federal contractors with a history of workplace violations from receiving new contracts.

The Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rule, signed by President Obama in August, would require would-be contractors to disclose violations of laws on workplace safety, workplace discrimination, labor organizing rights, or minimum wage and overtime.

The GOP-controlled Senate is expected to pass the measure as well, since Democrats can’t filibuster a resolution of disapproval. If that happens, the Labor Department will be forbidden from moving forward with Obama’s executive order…

Republicans used the same method this week to kill what’s known as the stream protection rule. That rule restricted coal companies from dumping mine refuse into waterways and required them to restore streams they’d damaged.

Goodlatte voted to overturn that rule too.

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