Goodlatte backs Trump on entry ban

While some Republicans in Congress responded with integrity, Congressman Goodlatte issued a statement endorsing President Trump’s disgraceful blanket order banning all citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations (including this guy) from entering the United States for at least 90 days:

“The primary duty of the federal government is to keep Americans safe. Today, President Trump has begun to fulfill this responsibility by taking a number of critical steps within his authority to strengthen national security and the integrity of our nation’s immigration system. As ISIS terrorists have vowed to use the immigration system to inflict harm, it’s imperative that we know who is coming and going from our country. National security officials have repeatedly warned that we dramatically lack the resources and information to fully vet refugees from countries of concern, like Syria.

“Unlike his predecessor, I am pleased that President Trump is using the tools granted to him by Congress and the power granted by the Constitution to help keep America safe and ensure we know who is entering the United States. It’s sensible to hit pause on admitting foreign nationals and refugees from countries where adequate screening cannot occur, and it’s long past time for the completion of the Entry-Exit system in order to crack down on those who overstay their visas. I look forward to continue working with President Trump to ensure the safety and security of our great nation.”

In response Tyler Dickovick of Lexington posted the following comment on Goodlatte’s website:

Citizens of our district should demand an updated statement from Rep. Goodlatte. Among those affected by this order are (1) people who were already en route and had been vetted extensively, (2) many people from these countries who have risked their lives to work with and assist American military personnel over the years, and (3) permanent residents of the US (green card holders) who are visiting their home countries. I will be calling the office tomorrow to register my disgust with this order, and I urge others to do the same. We must make sure that our esteemed chair of the House Judiciary committee reflects on the inevitable constitutional challenge to this order.

Indeed. If you want to join Tyler in letting Goodlatte know what you think, the number is (202) 225-5431.

3 thoughts on “Goodlatte backs Trump on entry ban

  1. his support for this is SHAMEFUL! What on earth is he thinking? Have a backbone and oppose what DJ Trump proposes!


  2. Thank you for your website! We need this – desperately. I plan to share and share often!!!


  3. Inflexible/rigid laws/mandates on humankind like fault lines that become rigid have to shift or evolve. So to the fragility of human kind must react to rigid systems that do not incorporate human fragility via commotion and even revolution.


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