Republicans in Congress avoiding town hall meetings with constituents

The Washington Post reports:

Seven years after unruly Democratic town halls helped stoke public outrage over the Affordable Care Act, Republicans now appear keen to avoid the kind of dustups capable of racking up millions of views on YouTube and ending up in a 2018 campaign commercial. Only a handful of GOP lawmakers have held or are currently planning to host in-person town hall meetings open to all comers — the sort of large-scale events that helped feed the original Obamacare backlash in the summer of 2009.

So far this year Congressman Goodlatte has not scheduled any in-person town hall meetings open to all constituents. That’s understandable from his point of view, I suppose. But there isn’t a better time than the beginning of a new administration in Washington for him to hear what’s on the minds of folks in the Sixth District.

Perhaps phone calls and emails to Goodlatte’s office would provide the encouragement he needs to face the voters in person. I’d hate to think he was afraid to do so.

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